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Hydrotherapy Colonics vs. Herbal Supplements


Hydrotherapy colonics and herbal colon cleansing supplements are both designed to release built-up toxic fecal matter from the colon walls, but they are very different. Hydrotherapy colonics or colonic irrigation is a procedure in which a rubber tube is inserted into the rectum and then the digestive system is flushed with water. Contrastingly, herbal colon cleansing supplements are products that are consumed orally in either powder, liquid or capsule form.

Whereas herbal colon cleansing supplements are made in specific dose sizes, the water amounts can vary with each specific hydrotherapy colonics procedure. Different temperatures of water are also used. One tube in the rectum adds water for flushing out the digestive system and another tube removes the water and waste. With herbal colon cleansing supplements, all you do is orally consume the dosage directed on the product.

Colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy colonics is also called high colonics. This procedure is not the same as an enema since only a small amount of water is used on just a portion of the colon or large intestine during enemas. High colonics or hydrotherapy colonics involves the entire length of the colon and often requires gallons of water. This need for an extreme amount of liquid can make colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy colonics very risky as it is easy to use too much water and cause great harm to the body.

Has the Hydrotherapy Colonic Method Really Caused Deaths?

Yes. The dangers of hydrotherapy colonics, or colonic irrigation, are well-documented. For example, in 2003 the Texas Attorney General filed six lawsuits against hydrotherapy colonics practitioners for violations to the Health and Safety Code. In that case, there were several serious injuries as well as a death.

Deaths have also been reported due to heart failure caused by too much fluid being absorbed by the body during colonic irrigation, or hydrotherapy procedures. Other causes of reported deaths from colonic irrigation, or hydrotherapy include bowel perforation. Bowel perforation is a breakage in the colon wall and the equipment used in the hydrotherapy procedures caused the perforations that led to these deaths. When the colon wall is broken, the blood can be contaminated in a fatal condition called septicemia.

In What Ways are Herbal Supplements Safer than Hydrotherapy Colonics?

Many people assume that hydrotherapy colonics procedures are safely conducted and monitored by medical professionals, but unfortunately this is often far from the truth. For instance, a 2004 study done in the U.K. showed that about 66% of registered hydrotherapy colonics practitioners had no clinical experience and more than 80% did not use trained medical assistants to monitor patients during the hydrotherapy colonics procedures.

There are serious risks in hydrotherapy colonics procedures that you won’t find when using herbal colon cleansing supplements. Deaths as well as serious injuries and infections have occurred in colonic irrigation procedures. Colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation can cause a severe shortage in the body’s electrolytes and this chemical imbalance can lead to major health problems. Conditions such as fluid in the lungs can also be a result of hydrotherapy procedures.

Bacterial infections from unclean hydrotherapy colonics equipment remain a real concern. Even if a hydrotherapy colonics practitioner uses disposable tubing to insert in the rectum of each patient, other equipment such as the viewing tube usually relies on proper sterilization after each patient. Also, the type of water used is important and tap water should be sterilized. Natural herbal colon cleansing supplements pose no risk of infection.

What are the Other Benefits of Supplements over Colonics?

Using natural herbal colon cleansing supplements may lessen the risk of developing bowel disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). This is because the use of the supplements may lead to regular bowel movements which reduce the chances of getting conditions like IBS. Conversely, studies have shown that using colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy procedures may actually cause the body to not want to eliminate waste on its own, making bowel regularity unlikely.

Not only do colonic hydrotherapy procedures have many health risks that herbal colon cleansing supplements don’t have, these colonic procedures are often also very uncomfortable and painful. You simply don’t have any of that to worry about when you use natural herbal colon cleansing supplements! Many people report feeling sick with nausea and some even vomit during colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy procedures, but there are no such reports with natural herbal colon cleansing supplements.

Convenience is yet another benefit of supplements over colonics. Colonic procedures often take an hour whereas consuming supplements takes mere seconds. Plus, you purchase the supplements and have them at home instead of paying for many colonic hydrotherapy procedures that add up to hours of your time – especially when you consider the time it takes to interview a colonic practitioner about his/her clinical experience and cleanliness of the equipment. Death, injury and infection are much too serious to risk!

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